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QQ International

QQ International

Size : 21.47 MB| Version : 5.2.0| Downloads : 2131
Date : 2017-07-17 14:30:10| Developers : Tencent
Summary :
QQ International Edition, barrier free for cross language communication. Happy in communication Video chat, voice messages, rich personal expression...... QQ supports a variety of communication methods, let your heart Chatteris, share the happine ....   View More >>>
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First, the new Android design, strengthen the VoIP phone function

The new version has further improved the design experience of the Android system on the basis of the previous version, and the biggest highlight is undoubtedly that after the iPhone4.6.12, the Android version also fully supports the call of VoIP QQ Out. As QQ, which already has full text, voice, video calls, VoIP phone functionality is a major feature that provides full communications experience to users. Especially for international students, business people and overseas Chinese from their hometown, QQ Out will provide a more intimate way of communicating and bringing you closer to your family.

Two, the use of QQ Out, low prices

In order to facilitate users to call friends and family anytime and anywhere, the default interface will see an obvious QQ Out phone sign. As long as the binding address book, you can easily with ultra low tariff and your address book friends happy chat.

Three: simple and easy to operate network telephone

At the same time, QQ Out's dial-up interface is very simple, you can call fixed and mobile phones around the world, you can easily view history.

Four, multiplayer video chat, more facial expressions

In addition, the new version of QQ multi person call will provide the latest video mode, up to 50 people to face to face chat; the expression is also performed more well, so that your communication is fun!

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