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Size : 60.11 M| Version : 6.1.0| Downloads : 491
Date : 2017-07-07 14:09:53| Developers : jingdong
Summary :
Jingdong (Android version) is specially launched for mobile phone users Android platform of a mobile shopping and consumer software, with merchandise search / browse, purchase, online payment, order info, mobile phone repair / Sun single evaluation, retur ....   View More >>>
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-----2 million user shopping options -
1., Jingdong mall online shopping evaluation is relatively good. Genuine goods, logistics is relatively fast, customer service personnel are more enthusiastic, the most important thing is more activities. "Jingdong mall is trustworthy" - by "mC smoke smell""
2. "very good service shopping mall.". Has been used for several years and has been in progress, "by" cat 0305"
- meets the diverse shopping needs - -
APP Jingdong is a mobile shopping software, with merchandise search / browse, comment inspection, commodity purchase, online payment / payment, order goods to the function of query, logistics tracking, evaluation and repair sun single / return, for you to create a simple and happy life experience.
1. Madden promotion: handheld, mobile phone, panic buying exclusive coupons, limited price ranking, full cut and other concessions.
2. life assistant: Jingdong supermarket, Jingdong home, recharge center, movies, entertainment, hotels, air tickets and so on, everything
3., featured channels: global buying, Jingdong all chips, Jingdong auction, IOUs mall, clearing second-hand, etc., unlimited wonderful!
4., wonderful discovery: for you to wear, wear, intelligence, beauty, digital and other boutique recommendations and fashion buyers story
There's always a way to contact me
If you like me, please give me full marks. For you, we will make persistent efforts!
If you don't like me, please give us feedback in time. For you, we will try our best to improve!
If you have any comments or suggestions, you can contact us by the following ways:
WeChat: Jingdong (jdsc360)
Micro-blog: @ Jingdong
Jingdong client: my service / feedback

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