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Date : 2017-07-04 10:24:38| Developers : Tencent
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-----QQ, music in communication - - Two video, the screen can be switched to the left and right layout - many people add video accessories, cosmetic effects Chat - continuous bucket can be satisfied to open your map mode When chatting, enter s ....   View More >>>
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-----QQ, music in communication - -
Please serve over 90% mobile Internet users
Many people play video, file multiport to each other, constantly innovate to meet the communication needs
When to build communication, entertainment and life experience joy
---- main function ----
Chat messages: send and receive friends and group messages anytime and anywhere.
Voice calls: two people, multiplayer voice calls, HD chat.
Video chat: it is better to meet friends and relatives than to miss each other.
File transfer: mobile phones, computers, multi pass, convenient and quick.
Space dynamics: faster informed friends dynamic, share life, stay moved.
Personalized dress: themes, business cards, ringtones, bubbles, pendants, free selection.
Game center: every day, all the people, such as the most hot hand travel, simply can not stop.
Mobile payment: call recharge, online shopping, transfer payments, readily available.
QQ health: synchronous apple health (HealthKit) sports data, with friends PK, happy and healthy play together!
Happy in communication for 16 years, chat happy 800 million people!
Contact us - -
If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us:
- online help: enter the QQ settings - > QQ - > for help and feedback
- customer service hotline: 0755 -83763333 (service time: 8:00 - 23:00)
Update content:
QQ sending blessings, full of sound and colour pay New Year call
- discussion groups can be @ members, important information, timely attention
- group support for specified message reply, you can directly view the contents of the reply
- discussion group, transfer group, chat record, synchronous transfer

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