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Size : 41.55 M| Version : 6.2.1| Downloads : 546
Date : 2017-07-07 13:28:59| Developers : Alibaba
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Tmall APP is the Tmall on the mobile phone (, belonging to Alibaba group. Now download, new users send value new packs. Here is a massive shopping site, there are strict standards of business and product management system in Tmall APP, you will ....   View More >>>
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No longer need to worry about how to judge the goods, whether lying at home, walking on the road, or stay in the coffee shop, into the fitting room, Tmall APP anytime, anywhere, let you and your favorite baby happy meeting:
The living tool of the face world
It's important to make yourself look good!
Tmall APP has a large number of high-quality American clothing, shoes, brand bags and skin care cosmetics,
In the better for themselves, this matter, only select Tmall APP, is considered to go all out.
Select the [Indoorsman Indoorswoman]
Do you have any waste paper? Tmall supermarket delivery, the amount of excess.
Snacks, fruits, shampoos, laundry fluids, and even fresh crayfish......
The price is cheaper than the supermarket, express little brother also sent directly to the doorstep, no male ticket can easily fix 10 pounds of rice!
[mobile phone enthusiasts essential applications]
Fancier? IT Daren? Here you need awesome equipment.
Whether you want a flagship mobile phone smart watches, sports bracelet, or a few street in Coldplay damp and dazzle device, cat heaven is enough!
[smart Mammy's warm companion]
Tmall knows what you care about is the healthy growth of your child.
We have prepared many imported brands of milk powder, diapers, but also introduced the domestic reassuring mother and child brand.
We care about quality, but also pay attention to material benefits, Tmall, like you, hope that children can better grow.
[decoration money saving artifact]
If you can make good use of Tmall, you can save half of your budget.
The same standard materials and workmanship, Tmall goods due to save the middle agent link, can be cheaper than the offline shopping mall 20%-50%.
The delivery service also saves you a labor cost. To decorate, Tmall is right!
[update content]
The new version of Tmall App provides you with more quality content:
1, "everyone is visiting" grand on-line: to create exquisite channel, stroll your favorite channel is more convenient.
2, "TOP list" new debut: bring together you like TOP good goods.
3, long by baby express your love: find similar, delete, collection can easily go straight, to help you find more selected good things.
4, baby selection recommended: search mobile phone, notebook, select list, select the reason to help you pick a good baby, buy, buy, buy more convenient.
5, "brand +" content is more rich: popular first look, live key, more brands, content, you dig.
New users now download Tmall App, as well as the opportunity to receive 388 yuan worth of new packs!
Want to tall, do not miss Tmall App.
With the male goddess of God to open the ideal life of Tmall!

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